As if the desert wasn't magical and mysterious already...

A winter escape doesn't have to be all snowy tundras and a cabin in the woods..

This often overlooked destination couldn't be more perfect for a romantic celebration…

Thoughtful details and personal touches from the bride and groom’s own love story..

Antique jewels and gowns flown in from the runways of New York..

When the florals are as colorful as the ones seen here…

If you’ve wondered where the dreamiest outdoor wedding location in the U.S. is…

The hanging baskets, need we say more?..

Minimalist design can make a strong impact..

Mountain views, a stunning bridal party and one heck of a dress..

Ready for an added bit of drama to your day?..

Get ready to get lost in old town Zurich..

White on white was the story of the day..

Why is it that classic mountain weddings never cease to take our breath away?..